This site is currently open to residents of the State of Georgia. We hope to open it to others soon!
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About Us

Dental Temps Direct is a dental-community networking site designed to connect dental practices with dental professionals. DTD’s goal is to help eliminate the stress and high costs of using a staffing agency. We understand the frustrations that life throws our way and wanted to create an easier, simple, and hassle-free way of connecting offices with temporary professionals. Whether you’re a practice in need of last-minute help, or a dental professional looking to make a career out of temping - and anything in between - DTD will help you along your way. DTD will help you communicate directly with one another to set dates, times, and rates…and right at your fingertips! Our unique calendar has been designed to help facilitate this communication. Directly from the calendar, practices can send requests to professionals where you can set times and rates. We are dedicated in constantly improving our website and would love your feedback.