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How we collect and use information

We collect the following types on information from you:


Not actual cookies. Click over to our Cookie Policy to see what these are and what we're using them for.


We collect analytical information, such as what you click on and how long you stay on a given page. This is to help us improve the website as a whole. If we know what is and is not clicked, maybe we can design and redesign the site to better fit you, our users.

Google Analytics

One of the tools we use is Google Analytics. This allows us to see what people click on, how long they stay on a page, and more. What Google can and can't do with that data is governed by their Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy. If you would like to opt-out of this type of tracking, check out the plugin Google provides to do just such a thing here:


A standard practice among websites is to make a note of each request made to that website. This site is no different. Each request your browser makes to this website is logged to a text file on our servers. The log contains basic request information, such as your IP address of the page you're trying to reach, what browser you're using, a date and time stamp, and whether or not you received an error. This log does not contain personally identifiable information. Instead, this information is there to let us know when there are problems with the site, which pages are popular, finding trends, and demographic information. This information can also be used to help spot attackers of the website.

How long we keep this information

As long as we deem fit. This may be a day, or it may be indefinitely.

Applicability of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy only covers and


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